Dreem is a neuroscience start-up headquartered in Paris, France composed of a multidisciplinary team of 70 employees. Dreem delivers precision sleep medicine at scale by providing lab-grade sleep tracking and biofeedback, a great user-friendly experience and clinically-supported cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.. The Dreem headband allows a precise sleep monitoring by including high-precision EEG electrodes, a pulse sensor, a 3D accelerometer and a sonometer. This device can be used for running a massive, remote and decentralized clinical trial, or for routine patient monitoring, whenever there is a need to measure sleep, EEG and cognitive-related digital endpoints, including for CNS and immune-mediated diseases. Dreem has also developed an advanced expertise in machine learning for the analysis of its sleep data, including sleep stages classification, pattern detections, patients phenotyping and pathology/sleep correlations.

Main tasks in the project

Dreem will be actively involved in WP3 and WP4. More specifically, Dreem aims to facilitate the device selection process (Task 3.1), support application consolidation, design and development for sensor data consolidation, pre-processing and for patient engagement (Task 3.2). Within this WP, Dreem will provide headbands that will be used for the execution of the feasibility study and if selected, clinical validation study. In WP4, Dreem will be involved in the data analysis and performance assessment. Dreem will notably participate by providing related signal processing and data analysis for pattern extractions and correlations studies.

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