15 Stichting MLC Foundation

The MLC Foundation (MLCF) operates on the interface between law & ethics and biomedical research and new developments in health care such as e-health.  Its mission is to further responsible research in European solidarity based health care systems. MLCF has expert knowledge of data protection, EU law and the governance of a learning healthcare system. In addition to many Dutch projects such as a new Code of Conduct for health research, MLCF is partner in the H2020 RECAP-preterm project and the HEAP exposome object (starting on 1-1-2020). MLCF is also partner in 2 other IMI projects: BigData@Heart and Trials@Home.
Main tasks in the project
MLCF will execute the tasks as described in WP 8. In essence those are (many of those tasks are performed in close collaboration with partner TMF):
  • to provide legal and ethical advice to the other partners;
  • assist in and oversee compliance with data protection;
  • draft reports about the necessary measures in order to achieve compliance;
  • coordinate the necessary Data Protection Impact Assessments;
  • assist TMF with the ELAB (ethical and legal advisory board);
  • research into digital devices and personal freedom;
  • research into the interplay of digital devices, patients and a learning health care sys-tem in general.
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