identifying novel digital measures for fatigue and sleep disturbances that will provide more objective, sensitive and reliable measures of the severity and impact of these symptoms in the person’s normal surrounding.

2 Clinical Validation Study

one year longitudinal study with approximately 2000 subjects will be conducted

3 Participant Recruitment

Participants with neurological or immunological disorders from various countries will be screened and recruited

4 Participant visits at the recruitment center

Participants with neurological or immunological disorders from various countries will be screened and recruited

5 Wearing devices at home

All participants will be given a combination of 2-4 digital devices for use in their own environment for several periods

6 Data Collection

Data on fatigue, sleep, selected activities of daily living and other relevant contextual information will be collected by smartphone several times a day while using the devices

7 Data Analysis

In order to establish which devices are suitable for use, complex data analysis will be performed

8 Validation of devices

The devices that met the criteria will be considered for future use in clinical trials

9 Share & Use

The novel clinically validated digital endpoint will be able to:

  • offer deeper insight into disease impact
  • lead to faster clinical development of new therapies
  • provide a more valid and complete assessment of the impact of diseases and treatments

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First IDEA-FAST Hackathon

Thursday and Friday ( November 5 and 6) saw the running of the first IDEA-FAST Hackathon. It was a great success with 25+ participants from across Europe, spanning 8 partner organisations and 5 work packages.

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New Blog on feasibility study

The IDEA-FAST Blog has published its first contribution from Kirsten Emmert on the feasibility study: The IDEA-FAST feasibility study – Finding the most promising digital measures for sleep disturbances and fatigue  

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2 months ago
Patient recruitment is still going on! #GeorgeHuntingontInstitute recruited their first patient this week! @IMI_JU @EFPIA @ParkinsonsUK
2 months ago
All 4 centres have received ethical approval to recruit to the feasibility study! (Newcastle UK, Kiel + Münster Germany, Rotterdam Netherlands) @IMI_JU @ParkinsonsUK @EFPIA
4 months ago
We want to better understand #fatigue. That’s why we’re working with patient specialists to test some digital health technologies and help us analyse the data. Thank you to everyone who has joined our #featureengineering group to support this. @ParkinsonsUK @EFPIA @IMI2_NEURONET https://t.co/32GO8vVV49 ideafastproject photo


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