Meet the Sites

Royal Devon University Healthcare – NHS Foundation Trust

Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

George Huntington Institute GmbH (GHI)

The George-Huntington-Institute (GHI) located in Münster, Germany is devoted to clinical care and preclinical and clinical research in Huntington’s disease (HD). GHI entertains one of the largest HD out-patient clinics for symptomatic and premanifest gene carriers, persons at-risk and caregivers around the world. GHI offers participation in ENROLL-HD, HD-Clarity and multiple clinical trials aimed at improving therapeutic options for HD.


The University is one of the world’s oldest universities and leading academic centres, and a self-governed community of scholars. Its reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known worldwide and reflects the intellectual achievement of its students, as well as the world-class original research carried out by the staff of the University and the Colleges.

Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden (LUMC)

Leiden University Medical Centre – LUMC is a university medical centre for research, education and patient care with a high quality profile and a strong scientific orientation. It has a unique research practice, ranging from pure fundamental medical research to applied clinical research. LUMC is a centre for medical innovation, committed to the advancement of healthcare and education in line with the latest international insights and standards, and aims to play a nationally and internationally recognized leading role in improving medicine and the quality of healthcare.


The Institute of Molecular Medicine is a research unit associated with the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon University and Santa Maria Hospital. Its main goal is to promote basic, clinical, and translational biomedical research, in order to develop and enhance the knowledge of diseases, diagnostics, and treatments

Medizinische Universität Innsbruck (MUI)

MUI is the most important educational and medical research facility in Western Austria. Its main objectives are to provide top quality teaching, training and research as well as continuous advancements in top-flight medicine. Building on its international visibility in the field of clinical trials (both industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated) and scientific projects in a variety of research areas, and the availability of a Clinical Trial Coordination Centre (CTC), MUI specifically wants to enhance its activity in the field of academic clinical studies


The Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw, Poland holds the Huntingtons Disease (HD) research unit and clinic, a multidisciplinary entity based on cooperation between the Department of Clinical Genetics and I-st Dept of Neurology. The site has about 550 HD patients in continuous follow-up and is a part of European Huntington Disease Network (EHDN). The site actively participates in observational trials in HD (Registry and Enroll-HD), interventional trials and research projects.


ASOCIACION PARKINSON MADRID (APM) is a non-profit organization that has been involved in the care of people with Parkinson’s disease and their families since 1994. They have been declared a Public Utility by the Spanish Interior Ministry since 2001 and certified by ISO 9001 quality system. The activity is focused on the direct attention to those affected by the disease and their relatives. Training and research, as well as awareness of the disease, are other subjects of work. APM has been working for several years in the evaluation of devices and remote assessment technologies, fact that provides a great expertise in this field in order to establish the requirement and evaluation methodology from the perspective of Quality of Services and Quality of Life for affected and their families.


Stavanger University Hospital was founded more than 80 years ago. SUS offers health care services to a population of more than 330.000 people. The main hospital is situated in Stavanger, but it has several clinics and medical centres spread over a large geographic area, as well as prehospital units. Stavanger University Hospital has research as an integrated part of its business.It is located in the Våland burrough.

ASST Spedali Civili di Brescia e Università degli Studi di Brescia

U.O. Neurologia – ASST Spedali Civili di Brescia e Università degli
Studi di Brescia

Mile End Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust

The Centre of Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology (EMR) undertakes clinical activity and patient consultations at Mile end hospital, part of the Barts Health NHS Trust.


Academic rheumatology department supporting recruitment to the clinical validation study

Erasmus MC (Erasmus University Medical Centre)

The Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology with prof. dr. Janneke vd Woude, PhD student drs. E. Paulides and the research team are involved in IDEA-FAST.


Newcastle University is the co-ordinator of the IDEA-FAST project. It has a reputation for research expertise in health and data science and has a joint research office with the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

UKSH Kiel (University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel)

The University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) with its locations in Kiel and Lübeck is one of the largest medical care centers in Europe. In collaboration with the faculty of medicine at Kiel University, the Kiel site hosts many international research projects including the German Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation”.
The Department of Neurology (PI: Walter Maetzler) is the main coordinating partner and academic co-lead of IDEA-FAST. In addition, the Department of Internal Medicie I, the Institute for General Medicine and the clinical trials unit (ZKS) Kiel is involved in IDEA-FAST.