UKSH Kiel (University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel)

General information

The University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) with its locations in Kiel and Lübeck is one of the largest medical care centers in Europe. In collaboration with the faculty of medicine at Kiel University, the Kiel site hosts many international research projects including the German Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation”.
The Department of Neurology (PI: Walter Maetzler) is the main coordinating partner and academic co-lead of IDEA-FAST. In addition, the Department of Internal Medicie I, the Institute for General Medicine and the clinical trials unit (ZKS) Kiel is involved in IDEA-FAST.

Research focus /
Clinical expertise/
Key personnel

Digital measures for symptoms and movement in neurogeriatrics

Walter Maetzler
‘Hi my name is Walter. I am a Professor of Neurogeriatrics at Kiel University and lead the neurogeriatric ward at UKSH. My speciality is movement assessment in Parkinson’s Disease and I am very motivated to find out how we can monitor sleep disturbances in these patients with modern technology. My role in IDEA-FAST is to support Fai (see Newcastle site) to coordinate the consortium and to lead the clinical validation study starting in 2022.’

Kirsten Emmert
‘Hi, I am Kirsten. I am a neuroscientist with a special interest in Parkinson’s Disease and how we can increase the quality of life in affected patients using research findings. My role in IDEA-FAST is to help coordinate interactions across different sites and project partners to ensure that both studies will run smoothly. ’

Hanna Hildesheim
Hi, my name is Hanna and I am a resident in neurology with a special interest for Fatigue in Parkinson’s Disease. In IDEA-FAST I am overseeing participant recriutment and enrollement, data collection and the training of the clinical staff of the different sites.

Team of doctoral students (currently Gyde Steensen, Katharina Scholz, Timo Heinemann, Merle Labugger, Lisa Behncke, Marie Bornhorst, Jerome Massoud)
Hello, we are a team of medical doctoral students. Our role involves supporting participants while they are part of the study in Kiel.

Kirstin Hansen
Hi, I am Crispy. I am the team-assistant of Walter’s neurogeriatric working-group. My role in IDEA-FAST is to provide the team with the necessary study material and help with the recruitment.

Internal Medicine I:
Translational Inflammation Research with a focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Stefan Schreiber
Hi – I am Stefan Schreiber. Together with my colleagues we run a large outpatient clinic focusing on IBD. We have both an interest in clinical trials and in translational activities mapping the molecular response to targeted therapies in association with changes in patient reported outcomes.

General Medicine:
Qualitative Research (Participant interviews within IDEA-FAST)

Hanna Kaduszkiewicz (Professor of General Medicine)

Johanna Graeber (PhD student, psychologist)


In addition to supporting Newcastle with the general coordination of the IDEA-FAST project as academic co-lead, UKSH Kiel is involved in the following aspects:

  • Design the large clinical validation study that will follow the feasibility study to further investigate findings.
  • Recruit participants to the two studies.
  • Lead qualitative research efforts
  • Engage with EMA and other regulatory agencies to drive acceptance of digital biomarkers for sleep disturbances and fatigue forward

Feasibility study recruitment

Start: July 2020
Target recruitment:

  • Parkinson’s Disease: 18
  • Healthy controls: 10

Clinical validation study recruitment

Please contact or call 0049 431 500 23849 if you reside in Northern Germany, suffer from Parkinson’s Disease or Inflammatory Bowel Disease and would be interested in participating in our larger study starting in 2022.

Contact details

Neurogeriatrics feasibility study team (left to right: Merle Labugger, Kirstin Hansen, Lisa Behncke, Kirsten Emmert, Timo Heinemann, Katharina Scholz, Janet van Uem, Gyde Steensen)