This page contains links to websites that are useful for clinical staff on the IDEA FAST project.

Device Documentation →
How to setup, use, and transfer data from each sensor device.

Data Management Portal
Used to upload data after receiving devices from patients.

Survey Delivery
For delivering the Technology Experience Questionnaire to patients.

Inventory Management
For tracking who and where devices are across IDEA FAST.

Issue Reporting
To document feedback from patients regarding device wear and usage.

UCAM Database

To record the baseline CRF: demographics, medical history and PROMPs SOP.

Accessing Account Credentials (KeePass)

Each device has unique login credentials (username/passwords) that are stored in a password encrypted database. To access and view the credentials:

  1. Download the database to your Desktop
    1. Please contact WP3 who will provide access to the database and associated password.
  2. Open the database using the following website:
    1. Note: this loads the database from your computer and does not share it on the internet.

Useful Links
You can view and download data from the manufactures websites below:

General Support Process During the Feasibility Study:

The current support process in case of issues faced with the devices or apps:

In order…

1) possibly sort issue independently by taking a quick look at the cheat sheets and documentation at:

2) if 1) does not help, file a ticket directly through the support platform ( using the site login credentials

3) if 2) does not work or is not convenient: send an email to (ideally to be sent from the same email account as used to register to support system)

4) if 2) and 3) do not work or are not convenient: call in via phone (for urgent requests) … at: +44 0191 8 100 323 [number should be staffed during UK week day work hours]

IN ANY CASE (so even if the problem was resolved in step 1)): we highly encourage filing a ticket with an “open” or “solved” issue using the site account at, making sure that the affected technology is selected in the ticket submission form.

This would be GREAT for the project as we will eventually gain a much more precise / quantified understanding about which technologies are “troublemakers” and for which one practical use actually runs largely without issues. The WP3 support team also aim to keep record of any issues we hear about through any of the reporting pathways mentioned above.

An Overview of the IDEA-FAST Project

This video kindly prepared by Dr. Corina Maetzler of the University of Kiel Neurogeriatrics Research Group gives an overview of the IDEA-FAST project, its goals and ambitions, and provides some insight into the assessment process.