14 Asociación Parkinson Madrid

ASOCIACION PARKINSON MADRID (APM) is a non-profit organization that has been working in the care of people with Parkinson’s disease and their families since 1994. They have been declared a Public Utility by the Spanish Interior Ministry since 2001 and certified by ISO 9001 quality system. The activity is focused on the direct attention to those affected by the disease and their relatives. Training and research, as well as awareness of the disease, are other subjects of work.

APM has been working for several years in the evaluation of devices and remote assessment technologies, fact that provides a great expertise in this field in order to establish the requirement and evaluation methodology from the perspective of Quality of Services and Quality of Life for affected and their families. APM has a database, “ParkinsonNet”, being an EHR since 2006.

Main tasks in the project

In direct touch with end users, mainly elderly and/or disabled people, the Association will help in describing needs and requirements of the end users. It will also contribute to develop pilot methodology co-creation and validate mock-ups and prototypes (WP2 & WP6). In addition, our professionals will be involved in the process backed by a huge expertise in assessment methodology and developing new solutions to improve the Quality of Services.

We have an enormous network at the national and European level (EPDA, CERMI, SEN, FEVOCAM, FEMADEN, and FEP), so we could disseminate the results into more organizations working with disabled people (WP9).

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