45 Biogen IDEC Ltd

The Digital and Quantitative Medicine (DQM) group at Biogen is a multi-disciplinary group of physicians and scientists whose purpose is to provide Biogen with methods for the quantification of the health state of patients and provide a rigorous paradigm for improving clinical trial outcomes. DQM applies a physician-scientist model to incorporate multi-scale computational modelling and simulation to bring specific value to development and discovery, catalyzing the organization towards a human-centric transformative quantitative biology strategy for drug development/discovery. DQM includes platforms in clinical technologies (including digital and internet of things approaches), quantitative medicine and experimental medicine and relies on robust interfaces with groups across Biogen.
Main tasks in the project
Biogen will contribute to the project mainly by providing data from the Watch-PD study, A multicentre, prospective, longitudinal digital assessment study of Parkinson’s Disease progression in early PD patients. In addition, we will support the WP7 in the efforts toward a library of models for observations of digital endpoints. Visit Website