10 Byteflies NV

Byteflies is an ISO13485-certified med tech company that provides B2B-services to enable lean development of wearable health applications. With a proprietary platform to set up wearable health solutions instantly, Byteflies works with pharmaceutical companies that are embracing clinical trial innovation and the value-based healthcare model, researchers looking for cutting edge technology to monitor patients, and tech companies wanting to quickly push new wearable technology to the market. Our team consists of world experts in the field of sensor development, data management, signal processing, physiology and digital biomarkers, user interfaces, and product development. The main component of the system is Byteflies Sensor Dot, a small user-friendly wearable device that can continuously record physiologic and behavioural signals.

Main tasks in the project

Byteflies is committed to tasks in WP3 (Digital Device and Technology) and WP4 (Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence) to ensure we can deploy Sensor Dots where needed for IDEA-FAST, leverage our expertise in algorithms for physiologic signal processing, and assist in the identification and validation of digital endpoints derived from physiologic and behavioural signals.

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