23 Cambridge Cognition Ltd

Originally developed at Cambridge University, CANTABTM technology has been continually enhanced by Cambridge Cognition for over a decade. CANTABTM technology has been extensively used in research, resulting in over 2,300 peer-reviewed research papers, more than any other computerized cognitive test. These include nearly three hundred publications in neurodegenerative inflammatory disorders. The technology includes secure, cloud-based servers for data storage and study management. The company has an excellent track record of translating neuroscience research into successful products for healthcare and clinical research. Cambridge Cognition have extensive experience in developing scientifically robust and engaging cognitive assessments on new technology platforms, including wearable devices, mobile phones and using automated speech recognition.
Main tasks in the project
Cambridge Cognition will contribute digital tools for the assessment of the cognitive components of fatigue using both the CANTAB battery and high-frequency brief assessments using the Cognition Kit platform (WP3). They will support WP4, bringing their expertise of cognitive assessments to bear on the data analysis effort. Visit Website