35A CHDI Foundation

CHDI Foundation is a privately-funded, not-for-profit biomedical research organization devoted to a single disease – Huntington’s disease (HD). CHDI mission is to develop drugs that will slow the progression of Huntington’s disease and provide meaningful clinical benefit to patients as quickly as possible. To achieve this goal, CHDI manages a diverse portfolio of research projects through a novel virtual model that encourages scientific collaboration to more directly connect academic research, drug discovery and clinical development.
Main tasks in the project
  • Science Directors, and HD disease experts, will contribute to the development of WP2 providing clinical and methodological insights on HD research.
  • High level oversight of the development of all scientific WPs for HD.
  • Provide data contribution from annual Enroll-HD visits for IDEA-FAST study participants who are also participating in Enroll-HD, across the entire duration of the study, outside of the project via a Data Use Agreement to be signed by all beneficiaries that need access to the data. For more information about Enroll-HD please see “Significant Infrastructure” below.
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