39 Eli Lilly & Co. Ltd

Lilly was founded in 1876, with Headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A and with operations based in the US and EU, Eli Lilly is now the 15th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Across the globe, Lilly has developed productive alliances and partnerships that advance our capacity to develop innovative medicines at lower costs. Eli Lilly is a research-based pharmaceutical company committed to create value for all stakeholders by accelerating the flow of innovative medicines that provide improved outcomes for individual patients and to help people live longer, healthier, more active lives. Eli Lilly employs approximately 41,000 people worldwide. Approximately 9,000 employees are engaged in research and development. Clinical research is being conducted in more than 55 countries, with research and development facilities located in 6 countries and manufacturing plants located in 13 countries. Lilly products are marketed in 120 countries.

Main tasks in the project
  • WP2 – Clinical knowledge/insights.  Lilly will provide background information relating to lessons learned from other similar projects as well as expert advice and support in the area of sleep.
  • WP3 – Digital Device & Technologies.  Lilly will share experience on the use of relevant digital devices as well as provide input to the development of plans and implementation of emerging and/or novel approaches.
  • WP5 – Data management.  Lilly will provide and advice and practical support to the development of a “fit for purpose” data management platform for the project.
  • WP9 – Dissemination, exploitation & sustainability. Lilly will assist in reviewing the concepts and plans of the consortium.
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