27 George-Huntington-Institut GmbH

GHI is the first private research institute fully focussed on clinical and preclinical research in HD. GHI is actively involved in multiple international consortia and network activities in the HD community, including projects supported by the European Huntington Disease Network (EHDN), the Huntington Study Group (HSG), and the Movement Disorders Society (MDS). GHI has established one of the largest global cohorts of gene carriers (symptomatic and premanifest) for HD clinical research.
Main tasks in the project
In WP2, GHI will participate in Task 2.2 (Provide clinical insights to the selection of the most promising technologies and to the help to design of the clinical validation study) and assist in Task 2.4 (Integrate views and opinions of patients (and professional users) involved in the processes). In addition, GHI will also take part as a clinical site in the feasibility study representing the HD part of the study. In WP6, GHI will lead and coordinate the activities of the HD partners in the preparation and conduct of the clinical validation study. GHI will establish contact to sites in Task 6.1, identify and establish HD related items of the protocol for the clinical validation study in Task 6.2 and closely work with all HD centres to ensure efficient set up of sites, training, subject recruitment and retention in the clinical validation study, i.e. Task 6.3. Visit Website