25 Institut Mines-Télécom

IMT is one of the top French public institutions of higher education and research of engineering in France, a school in IMT focusing on computer and telecommunication systems (image and signal processing, data mining and big data, digital communications including 5G, cloud and IoT technologies). IMT is actively involved in applications in IoT, health, smart home. The ALPS group in IMT is a world leading group on WiFi based wireless sensing, ranging from sensing theory to human respiration and daily activity monitoring. The group has developed the Fresnel zone based sensing theory for wireless sensing and has had extensive expertise on wireless sensing and big data analytics, which can effectively support recognition and learning in IDEA-FAST project.
Main tasks in the project
IMT will develop Radio Frequency (RF) based sensing technology for human respiration, sleep and daily activities monitoring in a non-invasive manner. Building on its expertise in Device-Free RF-based sensing, as well as in big data analytics, TSP will access and evaluate Radio frequency-based sensing digital endpoint in WP3. In addition, TSP will conduct RF-based related data analysis and develop advanced AI sensing algorithms and toolbox, which are the basis of enabling diverse functions in WP4. IMT further conducts general data analytics work for fusioning heterogeneous and multi-modality data in WP7. Besides, IMT will also assist with the development of the dissemination and exploitation plans and review of intellectual property in WP9. Visit Website