20 Pluribus One S.r.l.

PLURIBUS ONE (PLUR) is a research-intensive company based in Italy, focused on providing innovative solutions for cyber security, machine vision, and other data-driven applications. The company is a spinout of the Pattern Recognition and Applications (PRA) Lab of the University of Cagliari. The company portfolio currently includes the following main activities: Development of commercial cyber-security solutions, R&D Projects and Consultancy Services.
Main tasks in the project
  • In WP5, Security and regulatory compliance, PLUR will bring marked expertise on computer security and technology services based on EU GDPR and the NIS (security of network and information systems) directive to the consortium. Their Attack Prophecy system is an advanced web application firewall for the protection of web services. Going beyond signature-based approaches it leverages a pool of specialized models, enabling it to categorize anomalous events relating to a broad range of intrusions and attacks. It will be employed in the development and the deployment of the system. PLUR will also follow regulatory advice as described in WP8 as this area is in rapid evolution.
  • In WP7, PLUR will contribute to develop non-device-specific AI/ML and modelling methods.
  • In WP8, PLUR will contribute to analyze issues related to data privacy regulations.
  • In WP9, PLUR will contribute to communicate and disseminate project results
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