24 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

The Biometrics and Data Pattern Analytics Lab at UAM is devoted to research in the areas of biometrics, pattern recognition, image analysis, and speech and signal processing. The research activities at UAM involve several biometric traits: since more than 25 years voice recognition, and since more than 15 years also fingerprint, iris, face, and handwriting recognition, starting from matching algorithms, to more advanced research on secure biometric applications, mobile biometrics, and forensic applications of biometrics.
Main tasks in the project
UAM will: 1) cooperate with clinical partners in WP2 providing them support in signal processing methods and AI/ML; 2) work in WP4 applying signal processing methods and AI/ML for device-specific analyses; 3) develop new technology for device-independent processing in WP7 including signal quality estimation and quality-adaptive processing, ADL based on human interaction and other signals from smartphones, and quality-adaptive fusion of heterogenous data streams; and 4)  support in biometric data protection and storage in WP8, including privacy aspects and legal requirements. Visit Website