02 Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein

The University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) is the second biggest hospital in Germany and the only maximum care hospital for people in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Research at the UKSH Campus Kiel is carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, which is one of the four founding faculties of Kiel University (CAU, linked third party). CAU is the most northern Full University of Germany with 25,000 students. The UKSH efforts for IDEA-FAST are mainly coordinated by the Department of Neurology, which has >3.800 inpatients and > 12.000 outpatients contacts per year and a major focus on Parkinson’s disease. Other involved departments include the Department of Internal Medicine I, the Institute of General Practice and the ZKS Kiel, an experienced clinical trial unit (CTU) providing CRO services as well as education of research personnel for clinical studies. The Department of Internal Medicine I is an academic maximum care medical centre in the fields of gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, rheumatology, nutrition and ageing medicine with a strong background in international multi-centre clinical trials as well as translational links to basic science groups, especially in the field of inflammation and genomics. The Institute of General Practice performs health services research with a focus on the quality of primary medical care, health care needs of patients, and epidemiology. The institute will support the qualitative research within IDEA-FAST.
Main tasks in the project
  • UKSH is co-coordinator of the IDEA-FAST project and will support the overall leadership and decision-making process in particular with regards to clinical questions.
  • WP2 is led by UKSH. This includes the overall coordination as well as acting as a lead for Tasks 2.1 (Design and implement the Feasibility Study (FS)), 2.3 (Provide clinical insights to the statistical data analysis of the clinical studies) and 2.4 (Explore views and opinions of patients (and professional users) involved in the processes). In addition, UKSH will also take part in the feasibility study as a clinical site.
  • UKSH is the WP6 sponsor and Chief Investigator of the clinical validation study (CVS). It will therefore be responsible for the setup of the clinical validation study (task 6.1) and work in close collaboration with ECRIN, UNEW and others to guarantee a professional and smooth management of the whole study and oversee patient recruitment. The ZKS Kiel, which is part of the CAU, will act as the lead Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) for the CVS and will provide the monitoring for the CVS. As a clinical site, UKSH will be responsible for the recruitment of 250 participants.
  • In WP8, UKSH is a participant that will facilitate patient engagement and qualitative research in collaboration with the WP8 lead MLCF.
  • In WP9, UKSH will support the dissemination and exploitation of both studies in collaboration with WP9 lead EMP.
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