06 University of Limerick

The University of Limerick (UL) is located on the west coast of Ireland with close to 16,000 students. The University of Limerick is recognised to have particular strengths in the areas of Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Software, Health, and Applied Mathematical Sciences. UL’s research successes are enhanced by the ongoing development of interdisciplinary research institutes, research centres, and collaboration with international academic and industrial partners. UL currently has three multidisciplinary research institutes: The Bernal Institute, the Health Research Institute (HRI) and Lero, the software centre. The HRI is a cross faculty institute that brings together researchers in UL and its partner institutions with a focus on convergent and translational health research. HRI researchers work closely with clinical partners at the University of Limerick Hospitals group.

Main tasks in the project

In WP2, ULIM, will be primarily involved providing clinical expertise in recruitment of patients with RA, PSS and SLE to the clinical studies as well as provide clinical insights to the data analysis emerging from the clinical studies.

In WP6, ULIM will work closely with the lead partner, all the other clinical partners, the patient advisory board and all the relevant patient organizations in order to ensure effective recruitment of the ULIM participants (n=40 RA, 20 SLE and 30 PSS + 10 controls), adherence to GCP and retention of participants in the clinical validation study.

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