This report presents the device selection process and materials for the IDEA-FAST project. The project aims to identify digital endpoints to assess fatigue, sleep and activities of daily living in neurodegenerative disorders and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. The project includes a feasibility study that will serve to assess the possibility of mapping data collected through a range of different sensor devices and behaviour tracking applications to several clinical concepts of interest. The feasibility study (FS) will also assess the acceptability of the devices in order to inform a further selection of devices towards a large-scale clinical validation study.

This report provides information on the device selection criteria, processes and documents produced in the pre-FS phase of the project, which also forms the first deliverable that is part of work-package (WP) 3 Devices and Technology (deliverable D3.1 [project internal numbering] or 8 [in the project officer count]: Device selection criteria and documents / processes for gathering evidence). This includes the rationale and development report for device selection criteria as well as evidence collection processes and materials (as designed for and employed in pre-FS phase, together with – where applicable – adjustments in preparation for the FS).