Dr. Chris Lamb of Newcastle University is awarded the 2023 Sir Francis Avery Jones Medal

Dr. Chris Lamb, the IDEA-FAST cohort co-lead for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, has been awarded the 2023 Sir Francis Avery Jones Medal. Dr. Chris Lamb is a Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Gastroenterology and Inflammation at Newcastle University’s Translational and Clinical Research Institute, as well as a leading figure in the NIHR’s liver disease and lifestyle research theme. His continuous efforts in translational gastroenterology research won him the prestigious Sir Francis Avery Jones (FAJ) BSG Research Award, which is awarded to exceptional gastroenterologists’ research in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

This award has been previously awarded to two other Newcastle University academics, Professor Chris Day, vice-chancellor of Newcastle University, and Professor Dave Jones, professor of Liver Immunology.