Reverse Engineering of Digital Measures A conference on patient-centric digital evidence

The conference “Reverse Engineering of Digital Measures” is being co-organised with the FNIH Biomarkers Consortium. It will build on the success of the first meeting, sharing the experiences of four extended case studies and examining progress, opportunities and challenges. The interactive case studies will involve regulators, industry, patients and innovators and emphasise how patient centricity is shaping the development and validation of new evidence across settings including regulatory interactions, reimbursement and product development.

Over two full afternoons, we will explore how human-centered, holistic, evidence-based science is being put into practice and examine how this is shaping regulatory and payer interactions, patient and human engagement, product development and embedding of digital measures into decision making throughout care delivery.

The IDEA-FAST project will be presented by the project coordinator, WP leads and experts Wan-Fai Ng, David Nobbs, Wojtek Piwko, Francesca Cormack and Christopher Bull.



September 15, 2022



ETH Zurich, FNIH


Zürich, Switzerland