Mobilise-D and IDEA-FAST are pleased to announce the creation of the Digital Health Catalyst (DHC)

Mobilise-D is working on digital mobility assessment in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), multiple sclerosis (MS) and recovery from proximal femoral fracture (PFF). IDEA-FAST is working to identify digital endpoints to assess fatigue, sleep disturbances and activities of daily living in neurodegenerative disorders and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, including Parkinson’s disease (PD), Huntington’s disease (HD), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (PSS), and Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD).

The Digital Health Catalyst has been created to foster the next generation of early career researchers and clinicians in the field of digital healthcare. It brings together the collective expertise in digital health across the two IMI Consortia for maximum learning, collaboration and impact.

The creation of the DHC was marked at a kick-off meeting, held on the 16th March 2021.  The importance of the initiative was emphasised by the academic and EFPIA leads and the IMI Project Officers from both projects.

The kick-off meeting marked the first phase in the ambitious plans for the DHC to create an enduring legacy in digital health.  Phase 1 – has focussed on early career researchers – who came together to define their key priorities for support and development in areas such as future careers, cross disciplinary working and training.

Please visit the website at for further information. The Digital Health Catalyst is seen as a high impact sustainable output from both projects and it is hoped that its scope will be increased over time to include additional key areas for the development and translation into use of digital medicine.