New Paper Published on Fatigue and Sleep Assessment through Digital Wearables

Our newly published research presents results on using wearable sensing technology to assess fatigue and sleep in patients with chronic diseases. The article provides clinicians with insights on monitoring patients in the natural everyday settings of a patient’s daily life. In the future, wearable sensors could capture the effect the disease has on the patient’s daily living and provide objective measures that may be applied to improve the patient’s health-related quality of life.

In this study, 136 participants wore an ECG based wearable sensor in free-living conditions. The participants included healthy individuals and chronically ill patients from four different study sites in Europe. We studied the feasibility of using a wearable sensor for continuous remote monitoring of fatigue and sleep in chronic diseases, and evaluated the relationship between the collected physiological measures and subjective ratings of fatigue and sleep disturbances. Furthermore, we showed that heart rate recovery during daily activities (without any instructions to the participants) was significantly different between the healthy and the chronically ill, highlighting the potential of multimodal sensing. 

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