Cate Titterton

Something about me

  • Crohn’s disease – diagnosed at 18. Suffered for 22 years.​
  • Severe fatigue intermittently. Flare ups don’t always correlate with severity of Crohn’s symptoms and they typically last years. During flare ups, quality of sleep is very poor.​
  • Fanatical cyclist, amateur author and dramatics enthusiast.

Why do I decide to help with IDEA-FAST consortium?

  • IDEA-FAST consortium appealed to me because fatigue is so poorly understood and so debilitating to its sufferers. I’m excited to have a tiny involvement in such a ground-breaking study.​

How did you find your role so far?

  • As a PSAB member I have been exceedingly lucky to have been invited to be part of pivotal meetings and my opinions have been welcomed and valued.