Jean Heather

Something about me

  • I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1996. The symptoms have been well controlled by medication, though I have had occasional flare ups.
  • I am not a “good sleeper”. I listen with envy when friends talk about their eight straight hours of sleep. However, I am fortunate that I rarely suffer fatigue in the day but I do get very tired by evening.
  • I am a retired teacher but still do some exam work and voluntary tuition. I try to exercise as I know it is good for my condition, so I do yoga, keep fit and aquafit when possible, and also enjoy walking. I love to travel when possible and see new places. Other interests are more home and family-based. I have four(nearly five!) grandchildren who are a great joy. I try to keep the garden looking tidy and like to cook (sometimes). I love reading and enjoy a wide range of fiction.

Why do I decide to help with IDEA-FAST consortium?

  • I was asked to trial some of the devices used in the IDEA-FAST study and enjoyed being involved. So, when I was asked to help further with the consortium I thought it would be interesting and, hopefully, help those whose sleep is more disrupted than mine.

How did you find your role so far?

  • I am looking forward to the experience!