WP1 incorporates overall Project Coordination, Project Management, Financial Management and Risk Management for the project. This includes compilation of reports and other deliverables for submission to IMI, development of strategies and long-term project plans, chairing of the General Assembly & Steering Committee and follow-up of their decisions, transfer of documents and information connected with the project to and between the partners concerned, ensuring that an exploitation strategy is developed, approved and implemented, coordinating the entry and exit of partners from the consortium where necessary, and ensuring that work complies with national and EU Health and Safety regulations and Ethical Guidelines.


O1.1 Establishment of management committees and guidelines for their operation
O1.2 Establishment of technical and financial reporting guidelines
O1.3 Establishment of structures for execution of committee/co-ordination group tasks
O1.4 Provision of financial and technical monitoring and reporting
O1.5 Administration of the Grant Agreement
O1.6 Administration of Consortium Agreement (CA)
O1.7 Delivery of all necessary reports including periodic and final project reports


D1.1 Project Handbook  
D1.2 Risk assessment procedure
D1.3 1st Periodic report
D1.4 2nd Periodic report
D1.5 3rd Periodic report
D1.6 4th Periodic report
D1.7 Final report