WP3 is responsible for optimization of the selected digital devices to the project needs, facilitating the implementation and use of digital hardware devices and accompanying software (or applications) in the clinical trials. WP3 will include EPFIA members with expertise in implementation of digital technology to clinical trials. This expertise, together with input from WP2, WP4 and WP5, will be critical to build a seamless digital solution for collecting critical clinical data, profiling fatigue, sleep and ADLs together with their context. Project will supply an engaging unified user-facing application that summarizes interactions with the wearable sensor devices and provide the appropriate interaction with the subjects, facilitating their adherence to the study protocol. To provide an efficient collaboration on technical implementations between these WPs, IDEA FAST will establish a Task Force for Technology Integration (TFTI) that meets on a regular basis and is staffed by representatives of these WPs to develop interfaces and exchange requirements and share development updates.


O3.1 Provide expert insight/knowledge on digital technology (sensor devices and applications)
O3.2 Customize & combine existing technologies for the project needs (hardware and software)
O3.3 Provide data output from devices / applications for further processing (link with WP4,5,7)
O3.4 Facilitate the selection of the appropriate digital tech. for the feasibility and clinical validation study
O3.5 Ensure the provisioning and usage-based sharing of digital technology in a timely manner
O3.6 Provide entry points for support and tech. usage reports during feasibility and clinical validation studies
O3.7 Compile outlook on required adjustments / changes towards scalability and marketability of the bundle of technologies used in the project


D3.1 Device selection criteria and documents / processes for gathering evidence
D3.2 Device and companion application usability / user-experience report, sensor data set + device selection and effort sharing, as well as application management processes for the CVS
D3.3 Support centre documents and processes (esp. device provisioning report)
D3.4 Report on device and application development, usage and outlook