IDEA-FAST will be represented at the annual IBD-DACH congress (inflammatory bowel disease, Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Professor Fai Ng is going to give a presentation on IDEA-FAST as an overview on eHealth in general and the use of digital endpoints in IBD research.

Season greetings, end of year update – letter from the project coordinator

Dear all, With the end of 2021 and the Christmas season approaching, I am writing to express my gratitude and to congratulate you on your contributions and achievements over the past 12 months. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with this amazing consortium. Despite the intensely challenging circumstances, you have once […]

IDEA-FAST Science Showcase

On 1st December 2021, IDEA-FAST invited its consortium members to join an internal Science Showcase. The aim of the Science Showcase was to review the Feasibility Study (FS) data and brainstorm the next analysis steps in a clinical context and in the light of the feedback we have received from European Medicines Agency (EMA) on […]

Wild by Design: Workshop on Designing Ubiquitous Health Monitoring Technologies for Challenging Environments

There is a growing focus on monitoring health in uncontrolled (aka in-the-wild) settings. This is partially due to the limitations of occasional formal assessments, and to the increasing availability of off-the-shelf sensing devices and applications. This change of paradigm promises fine-grained monitoring of chronic and neurodegenerative diseases, early prediction of health conditions, accessible self-management, and […]

New publication – WildKey: A Privacy-Aware Keyboard Toolkit for Data Collection In-The-Wild

Touch data, and in particular text-entry data, has been predominantly collected in laboratory settings, under controlled conditions. While touch and text-entry data has consistently shown its potential for monitoring and detecting a variety of conditions and impairments, its deployment in-the-wild remains a challenge. In the paper, WildKey, an Android keyboard toolkit is presented that allows […]

IDEA-FAST qualification advice request submitted to EMA!

On 27 Sep 2021, the IMI Consortium IDEA-FAST submitted a request for an initial CHMP (Committee for Medical Products for Human Use) qualification advice to discuss the results of the Feasibility Study and acceptability of the proposed design of the Clinical Observational Study for supporting the future EMA qualification procedure for the proposed endpoints use […]

IDEA-FAST is pleased to welcome LUPUS UK on board of the project!

One of the ways we ensure that the patient voice is heard and put at the centre of the project in all its stages is by having monthly meetings with representatives of several patients organisations in the IDEA-FAST Patient Engagement and Involvement group. Last month, we have welcomed LUPUS UK on board of our group. Paul […]

Ioannis Pandis (Janssen) new Interim Project Lead for IDEA-FAST

We are pleased to welcome Ioannis Pandis as the Interim Project Lead for IDEA-FAST, who is taking over the role from Fred Baribaud. Ioannis is already contributing to the project as the Industry Lead for WP3 (Digital Devices & Technology) and will be able to ensure a smooth transition as we move from completing the […]