Reminder: TMF and Lygature Workshop

From BITS to BETTER Reminder: Register now for the workshop on meaningful patient involvement in developing digital endpoints in research and disease management  22 September 2023, 12.30-17.00 o’clock, Beatrixgebouw (Jaarbeurs), Utrecht (NL) or online. In cooperation with TMF. UPDATE: Due to high demand and our wish to accommodate people living with reduced ability to travel […]

ISCTM Poster Announcement

Congratulations to Nick Taptiklis and Michele Veldsman of Cambridge Cognition who will represent IDEA-FAST at the ISCTM 2023 Autumn Conference. Nick’s poster entitled “Automated Extraction of Fatigue Content from Voice Diary Data”, as well as Michelle’s posters “High compliance to remote, high-frequency cognitive testing across immune-mediated inflammatory disease and neurodegenerative disease patients” and “Ecological momentary […]

TMF and Lygature Workshop on Patient Involvement

From BITS to BETTER – Workshop on meaningful patient involvement in developing digital endpoints in research and disease management Beatrixgebouw (Jaarbeurs), Utrecht (NL), 22nd September 2023 12.30 – 17.00 o’clock IDEA-FAST and several prominent large IMI (now IHI) projects are working on digital endpoints or digital biomarkers which can supplement or even replace traditional measurements […]

“New Ways of Measuring Fatigue and Sleep Disturbances in Chronic Diseases” Webinar

Our IDEA-FAST webinar on “New Ways of Measuring Fatigue and Sleep Disturbances in Chronic Diseases” witnessed active participation from a diverse group of attendees, including representatives from patient advocacy organizations, industry professionals, researchers, and healthcare providers. The session focused on discussing the latest advancements in research and the potential benefits that digital endpoints can bring […]

ISPG Conference Travel Award

We are delighted to announce Dr. Chloe Hinchliffe has been awarded one of the Travel Stipends to attend the ISPGR 2023 Conference in Brisbane, Australia. The International Society of Posture & Gait Research (ISPGR) World Congress brings together posture and gait researchers and clinicians from around the world for discussion and exchange of the most cutting edge […]

Dr. Chris Lamb of Newcastle University is awarded the 2023 Sir Francis Avery Jones Medal

Dr. Chris Lamb, the IDEA-FAST cohort co-lead for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, has been awarded the 2023 Sir Francis Avery Jones Medal. Dr. Chris Lamb is a Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Gastroenterology and Inflammation at Newcastle University’s Translational and Clinical Research Institute, as well as a leading figure in the NIHR’s liver disease and […]

New publication on Reverse Engineering of Digital Measures: Inviting Patients to the Conversation

“Reverse engineering of Digital Measures” was the second in a series of meetings examining paths forward for enhancing the utility of digital measures, organised by Foundation for the National Institutes, ETH Zürich, European Medicines Agency, and VivoSense, Inc. The workshop was held in Zurich, Switzerland, with a broad range of stakeholders sharing their experience across […]

IDEA-FAST at the BioMedEng23 Conference

Dr. Chloe Hichliffe, postdoctoral researcher in the Brain and Movement (BAM) Research Group at the Translational and Clinical Research Institute of Newcastle University, will hold a presentation on IDEA-FAST at the conference in Swansea, Wales. The BioMedEng23 is the UK’s largest gathering of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Engineers, and Bioengineers, and this year it will be held at […]

World IBD Day 2023

On Friday was World IBD Day! 💜 It’s the day when patient organisations, patients, families, supporters and many other stakeholders join forces to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)  and how it impacts the life of over 10 million people worldwide. Our project partner EFCCA has lauched a survey on IBD in people aged […]